• Data analytics that follow Julie’s evolving life story.

  • Data analytics that follow Dave’s evolving life story.

  • Data analytics that tell Tina’s evolving life story.


Financial data analytics that tell your customer’s story

When you understand your customers’ stories, business becomes personal again. Segmint’s solutions provide companies and financial institutions with usable transaction data and strategic insights that help them understand the biggest opportunities with your account holders, or customers, and deliver the services and conveniences that matter most.

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Our industry-leading data analytics and marketing platform, powered by artificial intelligence, leverages payment and transaction data to strengthen customer relationships, serve as the foundation for personalized and data-driven marketing strategies, and unlock hidden profit opportunities.

Segmint’s Product Suite Includes:

Data Cleansing

Merchant Payment Cleansing

We’re the world leaders in efficiently cleansing and categorizing merchant payment and transactional data to make it usable and actionable.

Customer Insights

Customer Insights

powered by

Leveraging your clean, tagged data, we help you deeply understand your customers and where you can strategically grow with them.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

powered by

We add context to your cleansed and categorized data with relevant, actionable campaigns that speak to your customers at their specific life stages.

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We’ve analyzed

13 Billion

client transactions

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We’ve logged

350,000 Hours

building the most robust categorization available

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We’ve delivered

1.7 Billion+

Personalized Messages

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How can we maximize our customers’ wallet share?


Where should we expand our ATM footprint?


Are we having meaningful engagements with our customers?

Segmint’s insights help you and your customers grow strategically.

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